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Episode 1 is out!

2010-01-24 03:07:42 by dannydk6

Episode 1 is out of our new TTA Spin-off Series!!! WOOOOOOOO!

TTA Spin-off

2010-01-17 02:40:41 by dannydk6

A couple of buddies and I are making a TTA spinoff called TTA: The TOME Knights! TTA is a sprite series made by the famous Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi. It will have a whole new cast, as well as appearances from the old. The first episode should be due for the next two weeks or so. For now, here's a pic of some of the main characters:

For more info head to the TTA forums and make an account. We'd love some new members ^o^
: dventures

TTA Spin-off

New Demo!

2009-12-12 22:39:19 by dannydk6

New demo out for Sword of Jagen. Go play!!!

Flash Cartoon!

2009-12-05 02:37:18 by dannydk6

Hey everybody! I've been busy making a flash cartoon with my girlfriend, yellowbat, for a school project. My teacher only gave us 2 weeks, not knowing how long it takes to make a really good animation with only to people (i'm in 8th grade and shes a science teacher lol) so hopefully it won't be too bad. It won't be on newgrounds most likely because it really isn't our hardest effort. Well bye for now!

Renardo RPG is out!

2009-10-07 08:48:03 by dannydk6

For the past two months I've been working on a game called The Sword of Jagen. I have made many custom sprites for it and it has a Fire Emblem feel and look to it. The controls are primarily you taking control of Renardo and going on a mission, each mission being a chapter in the game. Like, in the prologue, you're goal is to rout the enemy. You move with the arrow keys, attack with "A" and do special attacks which deplete you're magic bar with "S".


Renardo RPG is out!

Super Mariooooo RPG FLASH GAME!!!

2009-07-23 23:07:29 by dannydk6

You, know the lack of fans for super mario rpg is outrageous. So, I made a flash game for it!!!
It is called: SUPER MARIO RPG: The Star's Army.

Go play it!

Heroquest Pt. 3

2009-06-13 22:50:02 by dannydk6

YAYYYYY Its outie!!


2009-02-25 19:41:20 by dannydk6

Heroquest pt 2 is out! Go play! Now!!!!! Man I such a noobie I'm getting super excited cuz dailyflashgames wants to use pt 2

Sprites, Rant, and New Game?

2008-11-02 12:07:52 by dannydk6

You know, I'm starting to look at other people's point of views, and the majority of it doesn't like sprite movies. I mean I love sprite movies and there one of the reasons I go on newgrounds, but unless your Super Mario Bros Z or Power Star material, most people won't like your videos. What I'm saying is that I'm gonna stop making sprite movies for a while and focus on what most people who don't have accounts on newgrounds come her for: games. Yea I'm gonna do an original rpg but the usual turn based strategy will be there. If you don't agree with me just comment.

Trailer is out for heroquest! Play you know.

Hey new mario and luigi type game out! Play you know?

Finnallyyy a new video

2008-10-15 23:37:56 by dannydk6

If there are any people who saw my old videos sorry I deleted them all. All of them had above a 2.76 It's just something I had to do.

New video by the end of this week. WOOT!

I'm making a sprite movie of link vs. mario. I think it will be my greatest creation yet.

And for anyone who needs an icon in there video just ask me I make pretty good ones.

And now I have posted one of my old videos, How to be Link. ENJOY!
Finally! Link VS Mario is out! Go check it out!

Finnallyyy a new video