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Episode 1 is out!

2010-01-24 03:07:42 by dannydk6

Episode 1 is out of our new TTA Spin-off Series!!! WOOOOOOOO!


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2010-01-25 23:19:37

Hey I just made a sprite character for the series of TTA. Just look at my news post on my profile and see if it's good enough to be in it. If not, please help me so I can have my own custom sprite character be in there. I know not to take the same sprite character and just recolor it as my own. So please let me know if it's good or not. I want to be in this series.


2010-01-26 10:46:59

Actually.....nevermind the sprite on my profile. Can you help me find some good sprite characters like giving me the link to a sprite sheets website or finding me some sprite characters that I can try to customize one for? I'm having trouble finding good ones for the series. So please help me out on this.


2010-04-14 21:20:21

Hey Danny since i can't post in the forum because of the Team 4 thing, i thought you could help me out. I signed up for Team 4 but Brocky has yet to give out a specific date and time when it should happen. Can you tell brocky i said this? because i'm getting impatient.


2010-04-30 04:32:29

You know danny you need to update your account here.
You haven't even told them about the new spin off here.